Staff Capability Quiz (Version 3)

Welcome to the Holiplay Staff Capability Assessment Quiz. The purpose of this quiz is to assess your knowledge and understanding of Holiplay’s working practices, policies and procedures. The quiz is mandatory for all term-time staff and casual holiday staff to undertake at a minimum of once per school term or before the upcoming school holidays period after which Play Leaders can put forward their availability to work. It forms part of your ongoing continuing professional development and will be used as a basis for conducting performance management reviews. There is a benchmark pass grade of 100% and you have a limited time in which the quiz must be completed once you begin. You do however have unlimited attempts to complete the quiz and the answers to the majority of the questions can be found in the Play Leader Handbook and Policy Documents which are available to you via the Holiplay Staff Zone or the Blue Play Leader Manager Admin Folder. That said, we wish you the best of luck in meeting the required benchmark, and encourage you to use the aforementioned documents as a support and reference guide.

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