Oh my gosh my child wants to do motocross!

If you’re reading this page, you may already be thinking “no way Josay!” But you may also be quite curious as to why on earth we have decided to offer motocross of to our kids.

First and foremost, we love to provide opportunities to children who might otherwise not get the chance to participate in a specialist activity. But also, because when done correctly and safely motorsport can build a great many skills such as confidence, balance, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination whilst also being great fun!

We have condensed what we think will be the most commonly asked questions below. But if you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us as holiplay.co.uk.

Holiplay Motocross School FAQ's

Where will the Holiplay Motocross School take place…?

We will be running Holiplay’s motocross school at Traq Motor Racing Circuit, London’s only outdoor motocross track with a dedicated kids track for beginners.


Traq Motor Racing

Jessops Way


Can parents and carers attend?

Unfortunately not, which is consistent with all of our offsite trips and activities. However, we will take and share, with your permission, lots of pics and vids and we’re pretty positive your little one will tell you all about it!

What age group of children are permitted to take part?

This activity will be exclusively for our junior (j-Camp) children aged 8 and above due to the size and power the bikes.


Who will be supervising and instructing the children?

As this is a new-ish activity to the Holiplay Plus list of activities, Mr Holiplay himself will be leading each session this summer and getting Holiplay Motocross School off to a flying start. There will also be a second Play Leader on site to supervise the children.


How many Holiplay children can take part in the session?

There will be a maximum of 4 Holiplay children permitted to take part in each motocross session.

What are the adult to child ratios for this activity?

There will be a 1:2 adult to child ratio for each session.


What risk assessment have been made for this activity?

We have been preparing for this amazing offroad adventure for quite some time now and due to the nature of the event we have undertaken an extensive risk assessment and mitigated against all of potential hazards.


Risk of Personal Injury – we provide all protective clothing, helmets and body armour. We also have an added layer of Public Liability insurance just to be on the safe side.


Safety Briefing – Before setting of on the bikes all participants will be taken through a safety briefing to ensure their protective gear is on and positioned properly and that they can start, stop and control the bikes correctly and safely.


Risk of crashing – the children will be riding solo around the beginners track once they have demonstrated the can control, power, stop, gear change and steer the bike. Whilst there will be other independent riders present, no racing will be permitted and there is one single direction of travel.


Falling off – just like a pedal bike there is always a risk of falling off. However, the track is a dirt path surrounded by a grass bank. All riders will wear a full-face helmet, goggles and protective body armour in addition to overalls which will help to significantly reduce the risk of injury if they do happen to fall.


Risk of damaging the Holiplay bike – Our bikes are fully insured for damage caused whilst being used for Holiplay Motocross School with the exception negligence or malicious damage. Any deliberate abuse of our bikes by a child will result in the session being cut short for that child and potentially the suspension or cancellation of their Holiplay membership.


Risk of Fire – In the highly unlikely event of a fire, fire evacuation protocols will be followed which means the session will be abandoned and the Traq marshals onsite will attend to the fire. The session will only resume if and when it is safe to do so.


What bikes will my child be riding….?

The children will be riding one of 2 brand new Stomp Pit bikes. Both bikes have a semi-automatic clutch-less gearing system making them very easy to ride and handle.


Is this cost in addition to or included in the price for attending Holiplay on a Tuesday or a Thursday in the school holidays?


All Holiplay Plus activities are supplementary to the standard daily admission charge. In order for your child to be eligible to attend Holiplay Motocross School you have to have or make an existing booking on a Tuesday or a Thursday and then pay the supplementary fee for the specialist activity. For example:


Wraparound Day = £25.00

Holiplay Plus Motocross School = £25

Total cost for the day = £50.00.


All Holiplay Plus activities must be booked separately!

What are the eligibility criteria of order for my child to participate in Holiplay Motocross School?

·      Your child needs to be aged 8+ (J-Camp Group)

·      Your child needs to be able to confidently ride and control a pedal (push-bike) without stabilizers (an assessment will be taken on the day. (If they are unable to ride a pedal bike they will not be permitted to participate in Motocross School)


What safety measures do you have in place?

We are using an authorised, accredited and licenced riding track based in Mitcham London.

All children will be provided with safety gear including a helmet, goggles, overalls, body armour and gloves.


Up to 4 children will be supervised by 2 Play Leaders with one Play Leader instructing.

Children will ride one at a time around the kids track only. No racing will be permitted!


What happens if my child has an accident or gets hurt?

There will be a first aider present who will administer First Aid should it be required. In the event of a serious medical emergency the 999-ambulance service will be called.


How will you get to and from the motocross location?

We now have a dedicated Holiplay crew van that will deliver the children and the motocross bikes to and from the Traq racing circuit in Mitcham, London. The fully insured crew van carries up to 5 passengers and depending on who has booked in for motocross school there will be a pickup from Holiplay Downsview, Ryelands, Purley Oaks and Putney between 10.30 and 11am every Tuesday and Thursday. The children will be back on base between 3.00pm and 4pm each day.


How long will the children spend there?

We will aim to spend around 3-hours down at the Traq motocross circuit each session giving the children plenty of time to develop their skill, confidence, balance and control and to of course have a super fun time!


How do I give my consent for my child to take part?

You need only complete the Holiplay Motocross consent form and book in via your Holiplay Account booking session. Places are very limited (4 children per session) and subject to availability. There will be a maximum of 8 sessions available over the summer holidays. Children can attend more than one session. If available


What should my child wear?

OLD Trainers or welly boots. Loose comfortable clothing such as a track suit, jeans and hoody. Overalls, safety gear and armour will be provided by Holiplay.


What are the lunch arrangements?

All children will be required to have a packed lunch on the day. Hot lunches are NOT available for those attending Holiplay Motocross School.


When does Holiplay Motocross School take Place?

Every Tuesday and Thursday during the scheduled school holiday (Subject to good weather conditions)

We are very excited to announce that Holiplay Motocross School will be added to the Holiplay Plus activity list this summer holiday. These sessions will be led by Mr Holiplay himself, a full motorcycle license holder of over 20 years so rest assured that great care and attention will be afforded to your little one should you decide to sign him / her up. The aim here is to introduce off-road biking to children in a safe, fun and educational way and to build key skills such as confidence, balance and coordination. No racing or competing permitted! Sessions will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays only during the scheduled school holidays.

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