Let the kids soak up the sunshine this summer and cool of with this splash-tastic Holiplay Plus+ experience!

Where will the Holiplay Watersports l take place…?

We heading to Wimbledon Park Watersports and outdoor centre.


Wimbledon Park Watersports Centre
Home Park Road
SW19 7HX


Can parents and carers attend?

Unfortunately not, which is consistent with all of our offsite trips and activities. However, we will take and share, with your permission, lots of pics and vids and we’re pretty positive your son or daughter will tell you all about it!


What age group of children are permitted to take part?

This activity will be exclusively for our junior (j-Camp) children aged 8 and above.


Who will be supervising and instructing the children?

This activity will be facilitated by trained professionals from the Wimbledon Park Watersports Centre. Our staff will be on hand to support and assist in addition to chaperoning the children to and from the park.


How many Holiplay children can take part in the session?

There will be a maximum of 16 Holiplay children permitted to take part in each watersports session.


What are the adult to child ratios for this activity?

There will be a 1:8 adult to child ratio for each watersport session.


What risk assessment have been made for this activity?

We mitigated the risks and  potential hazards travelling to and from the destination via public transport. Once on site and taking part in all water-based activity the Wimbledon Park Watersports Centre staff have their own extensive risk assessment.  



Safety Briefing – The children will have a water safety briefing every session before starting their activity. They will also wear a buoyancy aid before stepping out on the their kayak, boat or raft.


Falling in the water – there is every risk that a child could fall in the water, however the lake is not particularly deep and there are no strong currents present to pull them under the water. The children have the added safety of a buoyancy aid which will allow them to float on the surface with their head above water if indeed they do happen to fall in, and there will always be an instructor and lifeguard on standby throughout the session. That being said, the children will in all likelihood still get wet therefore a full change of clothes is essential.


Is this cost in addition to or included in the price for attending Holiplay on a Tuesday oin the school holidays?


All Holiplay Plus+ activities are supplementary to the standard daily admission charge. In order for your child to be eligible to attend Holiplay Watersports you have to have or make an existing booking on a Tuesday and then pay the supplementary fee for the specialist activity. For example:

Wraparound Day = £25.00

Holiplay Plus+ Watersports School = £25

Total cost for the day = £50.00.

All Holiplay Plus activities must be booked separately!


What are the eligibility criteria of order for my child to participate in the Holiplay Summer Watersports Session?

·      Your child needs to be aged 8+ (j-Camp Group)


How will you get to and from the Wimbledon Park?

We will be travelling from Holiplay Ryelands via tram and underground to Wimbledon Park Watersports Centre. If chidren have a zip card they are required to bring it in for free travel. There will be a pickup from Holiplay Downsview and Purley Oaks between 8.15am and and 8.45am am every Tuesday subject to bookings The children will be required to arrive at 8am for breakfast and pick up and will be back on base between 3.00pm and 4pm.


How long will the children spend there?

We will aim to spend around 3-hours down Wimbledon Park and will have lunch there before returning to base.


How do I give my consent for my child to take part?

You need only complete q session booking request via your Holiplay Account. Places are very limited (16 children per session) and subject to availability. There will be a maximum of 4 sessions available over the summer holidays. Children can attend more than one session. If available


What should my child wear?

OLD trainers, loose comfortable clothing such as a track suit, jeans and hoody. Your child will need a change of clothes.


What are the lunch arrangements?

All children will be required to have a packed lunch on the day. Hot lunches are NOT available for those attending Holiplay Watersports.


When does Holiplay Watersports take Place?

Every Tuesday during the scheduled school holiday (Subject to good weather conditions)