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Play Video

believes that the best way

of developing these in young children is a combination of free and structured play, in beautiful and engaging learning environments, with activities and opportunities that constantly enriches their minds across multiple areas.

We know that children develop at different rates across different areas.


stimulating play provisions

sparks physical, social and emotional growth and discovery while our planning in the moment approach to learning through play allows children to take ownership of their learning and play agenda.

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Reliable

Play safe & have fun!


we can offer you...


day we work to empower your child through our amazing wraparound care.

Individual learning experiences are integral to all the opportunities we provide at Holiplay. Our Play Leaders, Preschool Practitioners, Teachers and Coaches are dedicated and nurturing, which means their singular goal is to help your child meet his or her milestones and become successful in their own right.

Our play pathway is varied and vast and is designed to meet each child’s needs.


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