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Welcome to Holiplay Kids Camp & Wraparound School Care – the place kids love to play!

Since 2012 we have been providing Breakfast, After School and Wraparound Care throughout the school holidays to children and families across London. The global pandemic of 2020 & 2021 has devastated the world, however through the loss and the hardship that so many of us have encountered, we are pleased to announce the long-anticipated return of our fun-tastic activity camps for kids aged 3 – 12 years.

Our mantra

We believe in the core values of being respectful, responsible and reliable. These are our 3R’s and are implemented in everything that we do at Holiplay from service delivery right through to behaviour management. It is an expectation that our staff, our children and indeed our parents and carers observe the Holiplay 3R’s at all times as it promotes a safe, welcoming and positive environment for everybody occupying the space.

“I will respect myself and others, I will be responsible for my belongings and my actions, I will be reliable, helpful and honest, All day… every day… at the place kids love to play - This is Holiplay!"


Groupings & bubbles

As standard the children are grouped into 3 age bands.

All of the activities as per the published schedule are tailored to suit the abilities of the children within that age band, however our Play Leaders and instructors are experienced in further adapting the advertised activities to meet the abilities of the children participating, making it more accessible at one end of the spectrum and more challenging at the other. We believe that this differentiated approach to learning through play ensures that we can engage all children regardless of their ability.

Social Distancing & Covid-Safe Precautions

As per the current DfE guidance it is accepted that children of primary school age are at ‘low risk’ of Covid-19 infection and transmission, however it is still possible for a child to contract coronavirus. As a rule of thumb, we exercise great caution and continue to implement safety measures.


Come & Vist Us

We would love to offer our services to you and your child so get in contact with us today learn more about the Holiplay experience!

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