Welcome to the Holiplay  Summer Residential Info Page

2021 will mark the 7th season in which Holiplay has taken a group of young people away on a residential weekend experience. All being well this year we will be travelling to the Stubbers Outdoor Activity Centre and Camp in Upminster Greater London. Stubbers is geared up to challenge the most daring of young people as well tease out the adventure in the more reserved individual. Confirmation detailed on the trip will be shared later in the year.


This trip is available for children age 8 – 15 years (j-Campers and Teen-Campers)

What your child can expect to gain from attending this awesome residential experience:

  • Build independence
  • Lean how to work as a team
  • Build self-confidence
  • Improve organisation skills
  • Develop new physical skills and techniques
  • Meet and make new friends form all over the UK

Check out the Stubbers Experience Video