Welcome to the Holiplay Foundation & Cowley Resident Management Organisation Study Support and Enrichment Programme. This community-inspired initiative was set up with the aim of supporting inner city children and vulnerable groups through their academic studies and to promote positive engagement through sports and fitness. Children aged 5 - 13 years who live on the Cowley Estate in Lambeth are welcome and encouraged to attend the weekly Study Support Sessions and the Multi-Sports Workshops and both are absolutely FREE of charge! So don't delay get signed up today and join us on a journey of learning, sports-development and play!

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Cowley Study Support & Enrichment Programme Terms and Conditions


I consent for my child to attend the Cowley Study Support & Enrichment Programme (SSEP) which will be facilitated by Holiplay Ltd. I understand that Holiplay has appropriate policies and procedures in place and that there are expectations and obligations relating to the sessions being provided, stated herein, that me and my child(ren) agree to abide by.


I understand that the Cowley SSEP is FREE to attend, subject to availability, for children who are residents of the Cowley Estate only. If during the timespan of the programme I change address and move to a location not on the Cowley Estate, I must advise Holiplay within 2-weeks of my move at which point my child’s place on the programme and his / her FREE entitlement will subject to review.


At Holiplay we have high expectations of our staff, parents and children alike and expect all parties to adhere to our Code of Conduct which is:

  • To have Respectfor oneself and others
  • To be Responsiblefor one’s belongings and actions
  • To be Reliable, helpful and honest at all times!

Children who fail to adhere to our 3R’s Code of Conduct will be subject to the following action:

  • They will first be spoken to by a member of staff and afforded an opportunity to address their behaviour.
  • If the poor behaviour persists we will then contact the parent or carer to advise them of any growing concerns we have.
  • If after that the poor behaviour continues we may take the decision to withdraw that child from attending programme temporarily or permanently in addition to excluding them from any upcoming trips and events. (This would be a last resort in most cases but it is important that parents, carers and children know from the offset that poor behaviour will not be tolerated!)

Please ensure that the notion of good discipline, positive participation and the Holiplay 3R’s is reinforced at home.


In order to maintain consistency and ensure good progress we require the children to attend as many of the lessons and sessions as possible. As an added incentive from the Autumn Term 2017 there will be 1 educational day trip each term for all children attending the Saturday Study Support group who have attended at least 80% of the lessons. Regular attendees of the Tuesdays evening Multi-Sports session will be given opportunities to represent Holiplay & Cowley Estate in local competitions across the academic calendar.


I give permission for a trained member of staff to administer appropriate first aid if required and to seek any necessary emergency medical advice or treatment in the event that my child is involved in a serious accident. In the case of an emergency I can expect to be contacted immediately on the telephone number(s) I have supplied. In my absence my 2nd nominated Parent / Carer and or Emergency contact person must be contacted.


I confirm that the information I have supplied on this registration forms is correct at the time of completion and agree to notify the Holiplay SSEP Team of any changes to my personal details accordingly.


I understand that Holiplay is an Ofsted Registered childcare provider and acts in accordance with Ofsted Policies and Frameworks including Child Protection and Data Protection. I understand that the information given on this registration form is private and confidential and will not be shared without prior authorisation.